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Books on Authorship & Publishing

Discovering where Similar Studies have been Published

Many of our research databases will provide you with a ranked list of journal titles based on your search results.  You can search for papers in the general area of your research, and then look for a listing (generally to the left of the search results) labelled Publications, Sources, or Journals.  These are typically listed according to the number of papers in your results that were published in each title (most to fewest), but do not provide a ranking of quality.  Starting with this list, you can usually identify a few journals in your subject area to further investigate as to reputation, costs, etc.

For example, here are the results from a search on 'stomach cancer' in EBSCOhost databases (left) and Web of Science (right):

Publication results from Academic Search CompleteSource Title results from Web of Science

Calls for Papers

Organizations and publishers will often issue 'Calls for Papers' on a specific topic, either for an upcoming conference or symposium or for a special topics issue of a journal publication.  We list here several sites that attempt to bring these announcement together, often for a subject discipline or group of related research areas.

You may also want to do a web search for Calls for Papers (CFPs) and your topic.  Just add your keywords to the search below.

Google Web Search

Where to Publish

The University Libraries provide access to several resources that can help you choose a journal to publish your research in.

Instructions to Authors & Advice from Publishers

From SciDevNet's Practical Guide series:

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