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UToledo Institutional Repository

What is SelectedWorks?

[Before you develop your SelectedWorks page, know that you may also upload any
existing documents from your UToledo Digital Repository account, if you have one]

SelectedWorks is a research announcement tool designed to maximize readership and impact of your work. It can be used to:

  • Build a network of colleagues who follow each other's work
  • Announce and distribute articles, working papers, presentations, and talks to your network of colleagues and other readers
  • Attract new readers with a search engine optimized website
  • Organize and quickly reorganize work by custom categories

SelectedWorks has these advantages over an ordinary faculty web page:

  • Multimedia uploading
  • Papers can be announced to personal network of readers and colleagues
  • RSS feeds
  • Readership reports
  • Optimization for Google and Google Scholar

Download: SelectedWorks
Flyer for Library and Administration

Download: SelectedWorks
Guide for Authors



How do I sign up for a SelectedWorks page?

Go to the SelectedWorks site log-in page to sign up for an account:

How do I set up a SelectedWorks page?

Once you have created an account, complete these five steps to set up a personal page:

After you build your site, the system is scanned to search for any existing documents which identify you as an author. If any are found, you will have the opportunity to exclude any you don't wish to add. The system will then automatically add those selected and update your site page. You now have the opportunity to customize your site.

How do I Customize My SelectedWorks Site?

After you have set up your account (or any time you log into your account), you can customize your site on the Edit My Site page
in the SelectWorks Site Management Tools. [Here you may also upload papers and invite or remove subscribers to your page.]

From here you can add an introduction, photos, relevant links, and re-categorize works.

How Do I Upload to My SelectedWorks Site?

To upload, login in to Selected Works and go to Add Work


dd work to Selected Works

Select the document type and fill out the form for that document type, including authors, citation information, etc.:



You will need to categorize your work by subject headings or document type:


At this time you may also assign discipline categories and keyword descriptors that will make it easier for others to discover your work.



Next, you can type or paste an abstract. There is a limited amount of HTML tags that may be used for formatting
-- see Find out which HTML tags you may use link. Also select single or multiple paragraphs.



The final step allows you to upload a document (several file types allowed), include a citation to link to the full text, or to publish the citation (metadata) only.

A statement may be required by the publisher if you are uploading an Article, Book, or Contribution to Book.

Note: If you are uploading an article, bepress will ask if it was previously published. If
you answer "yes," bepress will create an OpenURL to link to the full text, if available.

The final step is to select Upload. You may choose the option to send out alerts about your added
documents. To do this, you will need to send a message via emails to the subscribers of your site.