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National Novel Writing Month: Special Guests

Write a novel in 30 days!

New this Spring! Special Nano Workshop!



Author C.L. (Cyndi) Pauwels brings to her crime fiction nearly 20 years’ experience working in the criminal justice field. Her debut novel, Forty & Out (from NaNoWriMo 2006) is set in the Toledo area communities* she called home until 2004. Cyndi’s publishing credits also include the award-winning non-fiction Historic Warren County: An Illustrated History, several anthologized essays, and numerous short stories. She is the assistant director of the Antioch Writers’ Workshop and holds an MA in creative writing from Antioch University McGregor (now Midwest) in Yellow Springs, Ohio. When not teaching freshman composition to reluctant college students, Cyndi is busy with revisions on the next case for the detectives she introduced in Forty & Out.

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* there's even one scene that mentions Carlson Library!

Special Guest

Nov 19, 2015: guest speaker Barb Roose made a lively presentation on first-time authoring!