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National Novel Writing Month: Check out some real published Nano novels!

Write a novel in 30 days!

Real Nanowrimo Novels!

On this page you'll find real (mostly commercially published) novels that actually had their start in the Nanowrimo experience.  We hope you have a chance to take a look around and find something that catches your eye.  You'll find a range of genres, from romance to fantasy, sci-fi to horror.  Some Nanowrimo novels have even been published as YA (young adult) or juvenile fiction.

Look for them on the second floor lobby area of Carlson Library (just off the elevators).

If the book you're looking for is currently unavailable, don't forget to check OhioLINK for a copy!  You can also check with the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library.  See Nanowrimo's website for the most complete and current list of Nano novels.  (note:  this page is an archived page; it is expected to migrate to the new Nanowrimo website eventually) (10/28/19)

Newest Titles!

Leslie Welch

 Leslie Welch's book "The Goodbyes" 

Available through OhioLINK!

A Toledo Connection

Did you know one of our Nanowrimo novels has a Toledo connection?

See Forty & Out (2014) by C.L. Pauwels, on this page, left column.


Read reviews.




Search the University Libraries catalog

Want to read a Nanowrimo novel?  Try searching "nanowrimo" as a keyword.



NOTE:  Default results are by "relevance."

Try limiting your search to "date" or "title," by pressing the Limit/Sort Search button.

You can also sort your results by Location.  Most books are in the Carlson Library general collection (4th Floor), but some are shelved in the Juvenile collection (3rd Floor).

Actual Published Novels Resulting out of NaNoWriMo

See the Mental Floss article on 14 published novels that began life during NaNoWriMo.

Includes brief descriptions of each novel and a place to comment!

See information at left for some available copies.

[Note: some are Young Adult or Juvenile books]

You might want to think about . . .

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