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National Novel Writing Month: Internet

Write a novel in 30 days!

Search Google Books!

Enter the term: nanowrimo

Here you'll find not only books to help you write, but examples of actual novels published as a result of successful participation in NaNoWriMo!

Other suggested searches:

  • "writing a novel" (include quotation marks in your search)
  • "novel writing" (include quotation marks in your search)
Google Book Search


Daily Writing Tips has excellent advice and dozens of articles to help you tackle your toughest challenges when writing fiction.

Writer's Digest is another essential website to consult to help you through the maze of creative writing.

(read a wonderful Writer's Digest piece on lessons learned in writing by Dr. Ben Stroud from UToledo's own English Department) 

Tips from Sci Fi Authors (VIDEO)

Hear what some science fiction writers have to say about the creative process, motivation, perseverance and self-confidence.