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ENGL 2950: Technical Report Writing - Sustainability: Books & Ebooks

Library of Congress Call Number

Most of the UT Libraries shelve books according to Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers. Each letter designates a broad subject area and is further divided into two letter subjects and then by a number

The letter T represents Technology in general

 TA    Engineering (General). Civil engineering

 TC    Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering

 TD    Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

 TE    Highway engineering. Roads and pavements

 TF    Railroad engineering and operation

 TG   Bridge engineering

 TH   Building construction

 TJ   Mechanical engineering and machinery

 TK   Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering

 TL   Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics

 TN   Mining engineering. Metallurgy

 TP    Chemical technology



Reference books

Electronic Books: Click on title to access electronic book.