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Consumer Health

A sampling of consumer and patient Web sites provided for informational purposes only


The Mulford Health Science Library is happy to provide information about good reputable health materials.However, these materials are for informational use only! 

All health questions questions and concerns are best answered by a health care provider. All material in this guide represents the knowledge of the authors, professional  healthcare providers.  The content may or may not agree with the advice and professional interpretations of any health care provider that is consulted.

The librarians are willing to provide personalized reference service to all who come to the library. Please feel free to call ahead to make sure a Reference Librarian is available! (419.383.4225)

The hours of one-one-one reference service throughout the school year are generally: 11 am to 4 pm - Monday through Friday

Additional Hours information when the library is opened may be found here.

More questions? Contact a health sciences librarian.