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HEAL 4560: Health Problems of Aging

Review of Search Techniques

Search Techniques Review

  • Boolean Searching: Use AND, OR and NOT to build search strategies, e.g. (elderly OR aged) AND "health care" AND ("Type II Diabetes" NOT "Type I Diabetes")

  • Phrase searching: Place quotes " " around phrases, for example "older adults"
  • Truncation: To find all forms of a word, use an asterisk with the root of the word, e.g. depress* to find depressed and depression
  • Synonyms: Search with similar terms, e.g. aging OR ageing OR elderly OR "older adults" OR seniors
  • Multiple database searching (in EBSCOhost): Select Choose Databases to search in more than one database:


Select Find It! to see your options for obtaining full text.

Citation Builder in EBSCOhost Databases

After you have your search results in EBSCOhost databases, clicking on an individual title will bring up a right-side menu of tools. There you will find a tool for obtaining citations to copy. NOTE: You will still need to check the citation for correct formatting. Visit the Online Writing Lab from Purdue University for information of proper use of APA 6th citation style.