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Physician Assistant Studies

Resources of interest to physician assistant students for didactic courses, clinical rotations, and scholarly projects. Resources for general academic and life success are included.


In the library catalog, you will find many titles "Evidence-based <insert specialty here>".   Search the library catalog for "evidence based <specialty>" replacing <specialty> with what you are interested in.

If a resource is making evidence-based clinical recommendations, pay close attention to the publication date.  Subsequent research may have provided evidence that contradicts a recommendation, in which case, the data needs to be analyzed again.

The books listed in this box are on general EBP: coming up with an answerable clinical question, finding and assessing evidence, etc. Because these focus on process and not recommendations, the publication date is less of an issue.

Online Resources

These resources have done the review of the literature for you and have evidence-based recommendations.   NOTE:  UpToDate is transitioning to being more evidence-based (as opposed to expert-based).