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Health Information Outreach (HIO) in Academic Libraries: ALAO 2011

Survey Data

To view the survey data, click the link above.  A PDF document should download.  If you have problems opening the file, let us know. 

Key Findings for General Academic Libraries

College students are a logical audience to receive consumer health information:

• “Personal health concern” ranked second as a perceived reason among academic librarians that students seek health information at their library (18%; n = 120). “Class assignments” ranked first (38%, n = 259).

• Only 5% (n = 12) of respondents perceived students to “Never” seek information on a personal health concern.

General academic libraries typically do not participate in HIO at a level that is consistent with perceived student need for consumer health information:

• 76% (n = 206) of respondents indicated at least some need for delivering HIO at their library (answered question = 270). 

• However, over half (61%, n = 166) of respondents indicated that they did not participate in HIO.

See ALAO 2011 HIO poster (at left) for complete details

*survey was conducted after gaining approval by The University of Toledo's Institutional Review Board.

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