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Student Film Collection

Student Film Collection

The Student Film Collection is a collaborative effort between University Libraries and the Department of Theatre and Film.

All films/video presented in this LibGuide have been created by University of Toledo students for class assignments, or as submissions to the annual Student Film/Video Showcase.   Associate Professor Holly Hey and Professor Tammy Kinsey have made this material available as course reserves so that it can be shared with current students to aid in the learning process.  

Instructors have received express permission from the copyright holders, the students, to allow their work to be made available on this site, as well as any additional necessary permissions/waivers regarding content. 

Valerie Brown

Valerie Brown organizes and maintains the content of the collection on the streaming server and is responsible for designing and updating the LibGuide. She is a Library Associate I in the Technical Services department at Carlson Library and is currently pursuing a master's degree in library and information science at Wayne State University. 

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Jeremy Pellington

Jeremy Pellington has spent countless hours converting student films into video files for upload to the streaming server and is responsible for ensuring that all works are properly labeled and described. He is a student at the University of Toledo double majoring in Film and Sculpture and works for the library as a student video cataloguer.

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We would like thank Justin Ballard and Adam Berger for allowing us access to the IT streaming server, and for taking the time to instruct us on its use.