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Student Film Collection

Course Description

Video I is an introductory studio course where students learn the ins and outs of Final Cut Pro. The course is based around a history of Modern Art and Abstract Expressionism, and students are required to create both an abstract animation and a found footage film using software generated effects and public domain materials. 

Fall 2012: Bailey Cramer - Halftone Hero

Fall 2012: Kristin Emerich - Crossing Over

Fall 2012: Andrew Jex - Dark Basement

Fall 2011: Kenneth Bauer - Flare Gun

Fall 2011: Lydia Kane - Organic

Fall 2011: Shane Mendez - A Love Song

Fall 2011: Jake Lockwood - Last Man on Earth

Fall 2011: Matthew Walz - Postcards from a Plane Crash

Fall 2011: Jacob Worling - Two Minutes