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Physics: Books & Reserves

This guide is intended as a starting point for your research in physics.

Suggest a Purchase

We welcome suggestions for new books from all UToledo students, faculty and staff.  Click here to recommend a book title for purchase. 

Please note that it may take several weeks for a recommendation to be ordered and processed. If you need the item sooner, you may want to borrow it through OhioLINK or Interlibrary Loan.

Finding Books

Use the online catalog to find print and electronic books on physics in UToledo Libraries.  A keyword search will look for the words you specify in various fields including titles, authors, subject headings, and contents notes.

There are two versions of the catalog you can search. 

Locating Print Books

Carlson Library uses the alphanumeric Library of Congress Classification System for shelving print books.  Physics books usually have call numbers that start with QC.  Medical physics books usually have call numbers that start with R.  Relevant call number ranges include:

             QC 1-75                  General physics

             QC 120-168.85       Descriptive & experimental mechanics

             QC 170-197            Atomic physics. Constitution & properties of matter.

             QC 221-246            Acoustics. Sound.

             QC 251-338.5         Heat. Thermodynamics.

             QC 350-467            Optics. Light. Spectroscopy.

             QC 474-496.9         Radiation physics (General)

             QC 501-721            Electricity. Electromagnetic theory. Radio waves. Plasma physics.

             QC 750-766            Magnetism

             QC 770-798           Nuclear & particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity.

             QC 801-809           Geophysics. Cosmic physics.

             QC 811-849           Geomagnetism     

             R 895-920              Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine.

Except for course reserves, all Carlson Library books that can be checked out are on the 4th floor.  Follow the appropriate aisle signage to help you locate a specific physics book on the shelf or to browse call number ranges of interest.

Mulford Library on the Health Science Campus uses the alphanumeric National Library of Medicine Classification System to shelve books.  Depending on their focus, books on medical physics and related topics will typically have call numbers that start with QH, QT, or WN.

Search OhioLINK

In addition to books in all UToledo libraries, you also have access to books in OhioLINK partner libraries. You can start your search directly in the OhioLINK Central Catalog using the box below. You can also connect to the OhioLINK catalog after performing a search in the UToledo Catalog or UTMOST.

Click here for additional information about borrowing OhioLINK books.

Finding Course Reserves

Course reserves are materials that have been selected by your professors and made available to you through UToledo Libraries. These materials may include textbooks, study guides, practice exams, supplemental readings, and style manuals.  Some of the items may be in digital format.

Use the box below to search for course reserves by professor name or course number.

Can't Find It?

If you can't find the book you want at UToledo or in OhioLINK, we can try to borrow it from another library. Click here for more information on our interlibrary loan service

To proceed placing your request, use the links below.

E-Book Collections

In addition to the UToledo catalog, you can also search or browse the following collections to find e-books on physics topics.

Contact Your Librarian Liaison

Office: Carlson Library, 3009A
Phone: 419.530.7984