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Human Trafficking: Government Information

President's Interagency Task Force report


  • Investigate and prosecute traffickers and dismantle the criminal networks that perpetrate trafficking in persons.
  • Enhance victim identification and the provision of relief and services for all victims of trafficking.
  • Enhance training of stakeholders, including civil society, law enforcement, and government officials, to increase identification of victims.
  • Encourage foreign governments to combat trafficking through international diplomacy and engagement.
  • Forge and strengthen partnerships and other forms of collaboration to combat trafficking in persons.
  • Fund domestic and international anti-trafficking programs focusing on prosecution, protection, and prevention.
  • Integrate anti-trafficking components into relevant government programs.
  • Promote public awareness about modern slavery.
  • Spur innovation and improve capacity to combat modern slavery through data collection and research.
  • Gather and synthesize actionable intelligence to increase the number of domestic and international trafficking prosecutions

U.S. State Department's TIP Report

Learn more about the State Department's special TIP office to monitor and combat human trafficking.

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