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Human Trafficking: Government Information

Some State Models

Ranked #1 in the country in human trafficking reports, California uses a "4P" paradigm to combat the problem: prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership. Read the full 2012 report.






Texas currently ranks #2 in human trafficking reports.  Learn more at the Texas Attorney General's office.

Florida employs a statewide council to combat human trafficking. annual reports.


Ohio (currently ranked #4 in human trafficking reports) uses a multi-level, interagency, multidisciplinary coalition partnership model  to respond to the problem of human trafficking.  Read The Ohio Human Trafficking Commission's Standards of Service.

Read about New York State's task force to combat human trafficking and find resources.

Read the  2016 Report.  Learn more at the Michigan AG's office.

Read North Carolina's 2019 report.

Download Indiana's fact sheet here.