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Internet Sources

About the Internet Ready Reference Shelf

Sometimes a research question isn't something that requires a deep dive into the internet. Perhaps you just need the population of Toledo, a government report, a specific phone number, access to census records, or something else. It can be overwhelming to get a huge list of results for a question you know would be found in one specific place if you could only manage to find it. We at the library have you covered for all kinds of reference questions!

The library used to keep print encyclopedias, dictionaries, phone books, and other resources at the reference desk for just these kinds of common questions. Today, the library's ready reference resources are all digital and available for personal use. This means you can bring the experience of the reference desk directly to you.

Below is a list of common websites that are frequently asked about. Our librarians have collected them together and put them in order of subject to help speed up your search!

General Reference Works

Art (Fine & Performing, Including Film)



History & Related Subjects

Language & Literature


Philosophy & Religion

Political Science

Government Documents