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Pharmacy Practice: Drug Information

A guide to resources for Pharmacy Practice and related disciplines.

Drug Information & Drug Monographs

Drug Identification

Drug Interactions

In addition to the 'Interactions' sections available in most drug monographs (see Drug Information & Drug Monographs on this page), the following speciality tools can help identify specific drug interactions.

Medication Names

NLM's Drug Information Portal

Drug Information Portal

The National Library of Medicine has established the Drug Information Portal as a convenient way to search for information from multiple sources on nearly 20,000 drugs.  Individual databases searched and linked to are listed below, but you can enter your search once in the Drug Information Portal and all databases with results will be shown.

FDA: Food & Drug Administration

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) website at the Food and Drug Administration contains information on drug approvals, labeling, side effects, equivalency, and withdrawals.  Specific resources are listed below.

Herbals & Supplements

Patient Information Resources