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A companion site to the Scholars@UToledo portal of faculty research profiles

Faculty180 to Scholars@UToledo

Scholars@UToledo will display selected, non-sensitive information from your Faculty180 profile on a public site to showcase the scholarly and creative contributions of our faculty.  By reusing the data you have already entered into Faculty180, we are able to provide a uniform public profile without creating additional work for you.  Scholars@UToledo will enable anyone to browse our faculty by name or department, as well as search by keyword to discover the great scholarship and creative output done at UToledo.

Please check that the following information is up to date in your Faculty180 profile (left), as it will be displayed in the Scholars@Utoledo portal (right). 

Comparison of F180 & Scholars profiles
Faculty180 Profile Scholars@UToledo Profile
Faculty180 Profile Fields Scholars Profile Fields
Faculty 180 Fields include:
  • Name
  • Position Title
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Biography
  • Publications & Scholarly Contributions
Scholars@UToledo Fields display
Position Title
Overview (Biography)
Publications from Faculty 180 and Web of Science


Updating Publication Information in Faculty 180

Additional help on updating your Publications & Scholarly Contributions in Faculty180 from other sites or databases such as Google Scholar, PubMed/Medline, and Web of Science is available.

Adding Publications with Altmetric Data

In the Scholars@UToledo profile, publications in the Web of Science sections that have DOIs (digital object identifiers) can be linked to data from Altmetric to show mentions on social media and traditional media sources, citations in Wikipedia, in policy documents, and other forms of impact not captured by citation in scholarly publications.

Scholars Altmetric example

Initially, these publication sections were populated for UToledo researchers' publications between 2008 and 2018.  If you would like to update this section with a list of current DOIs, please contact Wade Lee-Smith, Research Engagement Librarian (  This is a manual process that cannot be performed via Faculty 180 by individual faculty, but we are happy to assist on an individual basis.