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National Novel Writing Month: Tools

Write a novel in 30 days!

Easy Javascript word counter

Easy to use - just cut and paste your text into the box below for a quick word count.

(be aware that this counter tends to total a bit higher than Nanowrimo's counter)

This free script provided by JavaScript Kit

Word, Words, Words ...

Here's how to update your word count in NaNoWriMo's website.

New! Tools & Tips from PC Magazine

More word count calculators

Other software and apps

If you're on an iPad or Mac, check out WriteRoom - a very easy-to-use, clean, distraction-free space to write your novel (it also has its own built-in word-count tool which is very close to Nanowrimo's counter.)

Here's more for Mac. 

Here's more for Mac, Windows and web.

Or you can always stick with pen and pad.