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National Novel Writing Month: Fun Stuff

Write a novel in 30 days!

Fun Facts: Famous Firsts

There is no absolute agreement about the first novel ever written in English, but many consider it to be Robinson Crusoe (1719).

For other contenders, see this this Wikipedia article.

Though just over 12,000 words, the first American horror "novel" is often said to be Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1820).  (read it here, if you like!) 

The ancient Tale of Gengi is believed to be the first Japanese novel. 

Obviously, there are many ways to arrive at "firsts."

Get ideas from the classics



... and more ...

Novel Writing according to Monty Python

Writers' Stretches

Keeping a Balance

Some good advice from a Nanowrimo blogger on exercises vital to authors and writers who sit for long periods (sign in with Pinterest to view full chart).

Writers -- beware also, of these common health risks.

When you feel like reading, not writing

Try visiting the Fiction eServer* website:

  • when you don't feel like writing
  • if you want to learn more about writing, or ...
  • if you just feel like reading a public domain novel online

*(now defunct?)

So try one of these collections instead:


check out these 20 classic novels you can read in one sitting.