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Google Scholar and UT Library Subscriptions - A great partnership

Google Scholar and UT library subscriptions together are useful in locating information complement each other in locating information.

UT Databases can yield additional search words/terms for Google searches.

UTtoledo Subscription based databases have subject terms (that also search for synonyms)  and/or keywords. GoogleScholar only searches by words/phrases entered. 
At times it is helpful to first search a UToledo database to find more precise words/terms as well as synonyms.  

For example The PubMed  article "Clinicians' Guide to Cannabidiol and Hemp Oils " contains subject terms and substances that may be useful in searching GoogleScholar. 

Subjects include: Cannabis,
Cannabidiol, Practice Guidelines
Substances include: Epidiolex, Medical Marijuana


Search Tips and Tricks include 

   * Parentheses with OR search for all terms within parentheses
   * Quotation marks force phrase searching
   * The asterisk looks for variant endings, as oil* wiil search for oils
   * Click on a PubMed subject in a specific article, then NLM to search for similar words and/or a
      definition for more ideas

So a GoogleScholar Search could look like this:**
Cannabis OR Cannabidoil OR "Hemp oil" OR Epidiolex OR "Medical Marijuana"  "Practice Guidelines" OR "Best Practices"

**Google does not recognize parenthesis or truncation as * for variant endings