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Health Equity

Eliminating differences in health status and outcomes among different groups of people

Overview from NLM

The National Library of Medicine has a web site on health disparities that includes the MEDLINE/PubMed health disparities search and links to other health literacy resources from federal government agencies.

Database and Search Term Recommendations

There are a number of databases that you can use to identify articles on health disparities.  Here are some of the best ones, followed by a list of useful search terms.

PubMed: Articles in medicine, health care, and related fields. 

CINAHL:  Articles in nursing and allied health fields.


Search terms might include:

  • "Healthcare disparities"
  • "Minority health"
  • "Women's health"
  • "World health"
  • "Health status disparities"

For additional information on searching PubMed, see the PubMed Search Guide.

For additional information on searching CINAHL, see the CINAHL resources.


Recent Articles from PubMed

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