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Health Equity

Eliminating differences in health status and outcomes among different groups of people

Suggested Search Terms

Searching for information on health disparities and equity can be tricky because of how quickly language changes. Databases and authors can be slow to make the transition to current terminology. Historical resources probably will use outdated (and possibly offensive) terminology. Keep this in mind when searching. 

Depending on the search tool that you are using (catalog, database, web search), you may need to search for multiple terms. Here are some terms to consider for both textword and subject searching (remember that some databases have specific subject terms to use).

  • "emigrants and immigrants"
  • immigrants
  • migrants
  • "undocumented immigrants"
  • refugees
  • displaced person (or people)
  • asylum seekers
  • multilingual or multilingualism
  • "communication barriers"
  • "language barriers"
  • translating or translator or translators or translation
  • "limited English proficiency"

Combine the above terms with terms like these:

  • disparities
  • "health status"
  • "quality of health care"
  • "health services accessibility"

or with terms that are disease/condition-specific (like heart disease, arthritis, etc.

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People with Limited English Proficiency

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