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Education: Pre-Service Teachers

Rudimentary information for pre-service teachers.

Apps for Education

Apps, Apps, Apps!  Apps for industry; Apps for defense. Apps for Education, too? You bet. The trick to find the right app for the right need is still a little rough. Like any software they do not work all the time over every operatiing system change and can crash. Buyer beware you get what you pay for etc. You might also follow @EducationalGames on Twitter



You think you want to be a teacher. Teachers teach, right? What do they teach? Stuff, right? Stuff someone thinks is important for students like you to know, right? As a teacher you will probably think what you teach is important too. That means you probably have a philosophy, a system of thinking and reasoning that informs you about what you feel is important and why.

Here a few surveys that will help you answer what your philosophy of education is at this moment.

Survey 1   Survey 2    Survey 3



"Know your resources," says Praxis Onedee!


Transition to College

National Library of Education Glossary


Learning Theory Wheel

pre-K-12 OhioLINK Resources for the Classroom

OhioLINK Databases for pre-K - 12

Databases provided by OhioLINK and by the University of Toledo; available in ALL Ohio K-12 schools and libraries...

Start developing usable inquiry-based, resource-based, and problem-based lesson plans that work.

Kids Search (grades K-5) OLOnly

Graphical search interface for students in grades K-5. (more…)

 Primary Search (for elementary school students) OLOnly

Index, abstracts, and full text for popular elementary school magazines. (more…)

MasterFILE Premier (popular magazines, 8-12) OLOnly

Index, abstracts, and full text covering nearly all subjects including general reference, business, health, and much more. Designed for a general (as opposed to academic) audience. (more…)

MAS Ultra: School Edition (for high school students) OLOnly

Index, abstracts, and full text for popular high school magazines. (more…)

Also recommended...

Academic Search Complete (for high school students) OLOnly

Index, abstracts, and full text for many scholarly publications covering all academic areas of study. (more…)

Digital Media Center (OhioLINK)

Collections of electronic images, videos, and sound. (more…)

Digital Resource Commons OLOnly

The OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons is a network of centrally hosted institutional repositories featuring local branding, remote submission and administration, and federated searching. (more…)

Digital Video Collection OLOnly;c=dvc

Full-length educational films and documentaries on many subjects. (more…)

Academic Research Articles

Twitter Feeds

twitter symbolTweeter feeds can be a useful source of information and contact. Because I am interested in education trends globally, some of the feeds that I follow are OECD Education @OECD_Edu, UNESCO ICT in ED @UNESCOICTs, and Helen Clark @HelenClarkUNDP.

You can search for feeds once you have joined up (