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Google+ Education related Communities

The list of 80 or so education related communities on Google+.  If there are others you know of, feel free to comment. 

Here is a Google Doc version of the list, too:

NEW COMMUNITIES (sorted by number of members)

Learning Creative Learning (10704 members)

Chromebook EDU (2494 members)

Mozilla Webmakers (1500 members)

Gamification in Education (853 members)

STEM Educators (835 members)

Using Google Apps as a Free LMS (707 members)

Apps Scripts for Education - Builders and Users (491 members)

Minecraft in Education (370 members)

Peeragogy in Action (368 members)

Instructional Technology Integrators & Coaches (293 members)

Cognitive Science and Writing (235 members)

Open Education (206 members)

Instruction Librarians (180 members)

Learning Design and Technology - Open Mic (151 members)

Web Accessibility (140 members)

Mathematics Education Research (121 members)

EdTechTalk (100 members)

Educational technology research (96 members)

EdTech and Professional Development (75 members)

Online Course Design and Instruction (69 members)

Math Principles in Everyday Life (66 members)

Drupal in Education (64 members)

OCTEL Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning (58 members)

Google+ for Higher Education (53 members)

SMEDU Social Media in Education (47 members)

Eportfolios (40 members)

Computer Science Education (33 members)

Engineering Training and Education (24 members)

Engineering Educators (18 members)

Eportfolio: The fundamentals (16 members)

ORIGINAL LIST (number of members are from January 2013)

Education Revolution (3493 members)

Google Apps for Education (1836 members)

Libraries and Librarians (1203 members)

Education (771 members)

MOOC (765 members)

Higher Education (703 mmbers)

School Technology Leadership (632 members)

E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC (493 members)

eLearning Development (476 members)

Moodle (474 members)

Instructional Design & E-Learning (454 members)

Deep Learning (431 members)

Educational Technology (396 members)

Play Based Learning (352 members)

Massive Open Online Courses (344 members)

Tech in Edu (335 members)

Connected Learning (328 members)

Learning in Organizations (315 members)

Educators on Google+ (282 members)

Using IOS Devices in Education (265 members)

Code4Lib (238 members)

Global Education Conference (234 members)

Open Source in Education (231 members)

Physics Education (229 members)

Technology & Innovation in Education (221 members)

Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics (197 members)

Mathematics Education (191 members)

Faculty Development (175 members)

EdReach Network (171 members)

K-12 Education (169 members)

Online Learning (157 members)

Parent Teacher Play (149 members)

MOOC MOOC (141 members)

Digital Education (124 members)

Appademics (123 members)

Teach Preschool (105 members)

HigherEd (94 members)

Mobile Learning (87 members)

Learning Fast in the Age of MOOCs (81 members)

Learning to Code (74 members)

OLDS MOOC (72 members)

School Psychology (56 members)

Educational Technology (49 members)

US History Teachers (46 members)

Geography Teachers (40 members)

School Library Media Specialists (33 members)

Educational Psychology & the Learning Sciences (22 members)

History & Social Science Teachers (16 members)

Philosophy of Education (8 members)

List of 80 #Education Related Communities on Google+ 

from Doug Holton, developing educational technology: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, FL