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English Literature: Resources for Writers

Selected databases that will be useful for researchers in the area for English Literature.

MLA Style Guide

Click any of the links below for guidelines in using MLA format.


APA Style Guide

APA Style Guide From  OWL Purdue Writing Lab

Chicago Manual of Style

The Chicago Manual of Style Online



Internet -Resources.Com 

Provides links to writer's resources ranging from submission guidelines, agents, publishers, markets, book promotion and much more.


Intellectual Property Portal

Intellectual Property Portal  by  Arjun Sabharwal , John Napp, Marlene Porter, Gerald Natal, Elaine Reeves, Suhasini Kumar, Marcia Suter.This portal was developed in collaboration with the Digital Initiatives and other participating University Libraries Faculty and provides information about copyright, patents, licensing, and other related topics all in one place.



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