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World Theatre: Theatre & Dance of India: Classical Dances of India


Indian States and Dance traditions

Manipuri Dance

 Manipuri dance

Percussion in Manipuri

Kuchipudi Dance


India Classical Dance


Bharatnatyam:  A pure classical dance form that has its origins in Tamilnadu.

Kathakali: Well known stylized dance drama from the Sout Indian state of Kerala.

Kathak: Originated in Northern India; dancers recount mythological and moral tales from the scriptures. It is characterized by rhythmic footwork  where the dancer wears more than 100 ankle bells

Manipuri: A dance form from Manipur in Northeastern India, its theme  is religious and aims to evoke spirituality.

Odissi:  This dance form traces its origins to the ritual dances performed in the temples of northern India.

Shatriya: Or Sattriya Nritya is a classical dance form of Assam. Was originally created as an accompaniment to the Assamese one act plays called Ankia Naat and performed in the monasteries of Assam.


Savitha Sastry's Bharata Natyam performance.


Odissi Dance

Kathak performance

Kathak performance by Meghranjani Medhi