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Diet and Nutrition: Seasonal Fall Foods - Caveats

Information from the Nov 2018 Mulford Bulletin Board Display

Seasonal Fall Foods - Caveats

Seasonal Foods, Beverages, Flavorings —Some Caveats!


    Canned pumpkin products—Read the label!

       Plain canned pumpkin is usually 100% pumpkin
       It contains nutrients like beta carotene, niacin, vitamins and plus it’s low in fat and
       high in fiber.

       Pumpkin pie filling contains added ingredients.  Added spices, as pumpkin pie spice
      are OK.  
                                                          However most pie fillings include added sugars—definitely not healthy!           



     Pumpkin Spice Latte –Think before ordering or make yourself!

      A popular café has a 16 ounce version
              —380 calories and 50 grams of sugar.

     Checking out recipes? Look for reputable sites including
            Nutrition per serving






Apple cider  - Look for the best!
All have no cholesterol and practically all have no fat or gluten.
Some may contain pectin, a soluble fiber and Vitamin C.
However, if not fresh pressed, cider may contain an unhealthy amount of
added sugars .
Organic ciders also may contain added sugars.






 Hot Chocolate The good and not so good
  Present scientific findings are inconclusive in terms of chocolate &
  cocoa lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer, and preventing diabetes.   
  However scientific evidence says the darker (and less processed) the better,
  because the cocoa solids seem to have the most healthful benefits.
  Again, watch out for unnecessary sugar content and overall calories!