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Citation Searching

Introduction to using citations as a method of searching for new content instead of subject/keyword searches.
Google Scholar Search

How to search by citations: Cited By searching in Google Scholar

Google Scholar also tracks how many times an item is cited by other documents in Google Scholar.  Since Google Scholar includes all sorts of scholarly works, including Google Books, this can be a great resource for tracking citations forward.  Particularly in fields of study that rely on books to a greater degree than journal articles (such as many humanities disciplines), you may find very different results in Google Scholar compared to Web of Science.

1.  To begin, search for your item in Google Scholar  using words from the title, the author, etc.  You can click on the small downward triangle near the search button (magnifying glass) to get an advanced search screen.

2.  The results will be ranked by relevance, with matching titles closer to the top.  Beneath each entry, you will see a link that says 'Cited by ...' and a number.  Look carefully, as there may be more than one entry matching your search.  Often there will be a separate entry with [Citation] at the beginning of the title, indicating it is ONLY in Google Scholar as a citation.  Both types of entries are useful for tracing citations forward.

3.  Clicking on "Cited by ..." will bring up a list of citing documents in Google Scholar.  These are arranged with the most highly cited works at the top. 

To locate a copy of these works, you can look for [PDF] links on the right, or links to Find it @ UToledo to the right or below each citation.  Book entries will also have the ability to 'Find in a Library', but you need to click on More to reveal those links.  This will look for the book in libraries close to you based on ZIP Code.

4. You can further narrow you search by searching within the citing articles.  Just check the box below the search box, and enter your search.  The results will be a subset of the citing articles identified above.