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NURS 4610: Translating Evidence for Nursing Practice: Searching Database #1 (CINAHL)


For your assignment, the first database you search must be CINAHL. 

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) is an essential database for locating professional, scholarly journal articles from the nursing and allied health literature.  It is used for locating research evidence to support evidence-based nursing practice. 

Click the link below to access CINAHL on or off-campus (you may be prompted to authenticate with your UTAD username and password)

Video Tutorials: CINAHL Database Search

PLEASE NOTE: The numbered steps and assignment name within these videos differ from the recently updated assignment in Blackboard. However, the search process and order of tasks to be completed remains the same. 

Search for your Patient/Population/Problem (24:43) This video provides additional details on keywords and subject headings that you may find useful for the entire assignment overall. To jump directly to that portion of the video, click here

Search for your Intervention/Issue/Variable of Interest (09:22)

Search for your Comparison, if necessary (10:43)

Search for your Outcome (08:52)

Combine Searches and Apply Limits (11:27)

Insert Image of Search History into Worksheet (05:55)

These tutorials demonstrate a search in the CINAHL database. 

IMPORTANT: The same steps apply for completing your second database search, however  depending on which EBSCO database you select for Database #2, the search process for Subject Headings may differ slightly. For guidance on Subject Headings in different EBSCO databases, see Searching Database #2