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NURS 4610: Translating Evidence for Nursing Practice: Welcome!

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What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Schmidt, N.A., & Brown, J.M. (2019). Evidence-based practice for nurses (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett: Burlington, MA

Library Research and Information Literacy Competencies

This LibGuide has been designed to help you achieve the following competencies in NURS 4610:  

Competency 5   Locate Scientific Evidence

Formulate a PICOT question and use approved electronic resources to locate scientific evidence. 

Competency 6   Appraise Scientific Evidence

Conduct critical appraisals of three published sources of scientific evidence (AKA research articles) to determine their strength and applicability to clinical practice.‚Äč

Competency 7   Synthesize Scientific Evidence

Integrate evidence gathered from external sources to plan evidence-based practice changes.

Nursing Librarian

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