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Geography & Planning AND Spatially Integrated Social Sciences (SISS): Maps & Atlases

Resources for Students and Faculty in the Geography & Planning and the Spatially Integrated Social Sciences (SISS) programs

Finding Maps in the UT Library Catalog

Maps can most effectively be found in the UToledo Library Catalog by conducting a keyword search with the phrase 'd:maps' in the search. This will find materials where the subject heading contains the word "maps." Use the Location information to determine which collection the map, atlas, or book is in. 

Or, topographic maps of Ohio and other Great Lakes states can be found with a:

Carlson Library Map Collection

The Map Collection is located on the east side of the third floor of Carlson Library and consists of sheet maps and atlases.  These maps are for reference use, and therefore do not circulate. However, exceptions may be made for items to be used briefly in the classroom or for projects of short duration.

Maps are arranged by Library of Congress classification numbers. Atlases are on stands in the Collection.

Most of the collection consists of topographic maps (showing contours and elevation) for the Great Lakes states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as well at the Canadian province of Ontario) from the United States Geological Survey. These are arranged in drawers by call numbers that group states by geographic region, with the maps filed alphabetically by quadrangle name.  An index is included in each drawer.

Place Call Number (All Start with 'G')
Illinois 4100
Indiana 4090
Michigan 4110
Minnesota 4140
New York 3800
North Carolina 3900
North Dakota 4170
Ohio 4080
Pennsylvania 3820
Wisconsin 4120
Ontario (Canada) 3460


Finding Maps Online

The libraries have access to several databases that provide specialized geographic information from OhioLINK.  There are also plenty of free map-related sites on the Internet.