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PubMed Search Guide: MyNCBI

Overview of My NCBI

 The My NCBI feature (link in upper right corner of PubMed home page) allows one to

    • Save search strategies in order to run them at a later date (check for new citations)
    • Receive automatic e-mail updates on saved search strategies
    • Set preferences for searching PubMed
      one may then group search results (such as human, English, clinical trials, reviews, etc.)

  • Save results in collections

Instructions on the above features (and many more) are available at My NCBI Help Topics

My NCBI Account set up

My NCBI is a free service by the US National Library of Medicine.
Here is how to register

  • Click Register for an account on the MyNCBI Sign In page. [NOTE: MyNCBI now requires a third-party login]
  • Enter a username (3 or more alpha-numeric characters) and a password (6 or more alpha-numeric characters).
  • Choose a security question and answer so you can use it to reset your password if you forget it.
  • Enter the characters displayed as an image in the text box to help us prevent automated programs from registering accounts.
  • You can enter a default email address. This email address will be used for both automatic e-mail updates and the Send to E-mail feature in PubMed.

More information is available at Registering for My NCBI