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BIOSIS Previews Database: Advanced Searching

A guide to searching BIOSIS Previews, a combined index of biology journal articles from Biological Abstracts and supplemental, non-journal content

Combining Search Results

Combining Sets Using Search History

Searches in BA/BP may be complex searches that require two or more component searches to be combined. 

You can either search within a particular search set (Refine Results / Search within results for... option, located below the Search for  box) or do a New search:

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Doing a new search is recommended because it allows more control over combining sets.

Search for the first component, and then search for the second component, and so on, until all component searches are completed. As each search is completed, it is added to the search history, which can be viewed by clicking on Search History (the "Time" icon in left side menu).  Here you can select which searches to combine with AND or OR:

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Limiting Search Results

Restricting Retrieval by Limiting Search Results

In the left-side menu of the results list screen, click on the desired limit

under Refine Results. The following limits are available on the limit page.

After selecting the desired limits, click on the Refine button beneath each option.  

  • Major Concepts
  • Document Types
  • Authors
  • Source Titles
  • Publication Years
  • Assignees
  • Open Access
  • Group Authors
  • Editors
  • Countries/Regions
  • Concept Codes
  • Super Taxa
  • Literature Types
  • Languages
  • Research Areas

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Field searching can be used to limit a search by document type (as letter or technical report) or literature type (as editorial, meeting report).
Information on Field searching is available through the Topic, Author, Title searches tab and the Biological Abstract Help Pages.