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BIOSIS Previews Database: BA/BIOSIS Step-By-Step

A guide to searching BIOSIS Previews, a combined index of biology journal articles from Biological Abstracts and supplemental, non-journal content

Biological Abstracts/BIOSIS Previews Step-By-Step Search Guide

This guide will walk you through a sample search in the database Biosis Previews. For more detailed information on the Biosis Previews database, please consult the Biosis Previews LibGuide or contact a UToledo librarian.

Our topic: We are looking for research articles to determine which animal models are used to study Alzheimer’s disease.

1) From the Quick Links menu on the library’s web pages (, go to the Research Databases link:

From the listing of databases, click on the Biology link; from the databases listed, click on BIOSIS Previews (includes Biological Abstracts):

biosis screenshot



2) On the BIOSIS Previews search page, type in animal model$ (we are using the truncation symbol $ to look for animal models, animal model, etc.):

3) Click on the Search button, then click Back To Search.

4) Next, do another search forn Alzheimer's disease.

5) To bring our two searches together, click on Search History:

7) To combine, click in the boxes to the right of the sets, then choose And from the drop down menu:


9) Click on the Combine button, then select the combined results:


10) To find article published within the past 5 years, select Publication Years in the Refine Results menu, select the years, and select the Refine button to see the new results:

11) To limit our search to articles written in English only, click on View All Options and then Languages in the Refine Results menu, then select the Refine button to see the new results: