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BIOSIS Previews Database: Obtaining Article Full Text

A guide to searching BIOSIS Previews, a combined index of biology journal articles from Biological Abstracts and supplemental, non-journal content

Viewing, Printing, Emailing, and Downloading Citations

After searching, combining, or limiting, the system will display the results list. Click on the article title to view the full record of a citation in this list. Any linked item on the full record can be searched (author name, journal title, concept code) by clicking on it. To temporarily store a record, select it (or the entire page) and click Send To Marked List.

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Clicking on the Marked List allows several options for output and formatting:

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Checking for Full Text Availability

NOTE:  With the wide range of online journal providers and the lack of publishing standards, it is very difficult to provide simple access to every online article available to the University community. You may need to attempt several options to obtain the full text of an article.

Be assured that the UToledo Libraries and OhioLINK are doing everything possible to provide easy access to these materials. Any questions about the availability of a journal article should be directed to UToledo Reference librarians.
To determine if an article is available, click on Find It!  to call up the OLinks window:    

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Find It! will indicate if the article is available online from one of the major journal systems -- holdings information can be found at the top of the sub-window ( Best Bets for full text ).

If Find It! does not show an online full-text link (or if the link is broken), look in Other Options and use the University of Toledo library catalog to confirm which issues are available from the library and to reach the link for available full text. 

If no copies are available, use the ILLiad interlibrary loan system to obtain the article. First-time use requires registration with a valid Rocket number. Questions? contact a librarian.