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CI4300: Children's Literature: Resources for Children's Lit

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Guides and Leveled or Graded Book Lists

To 11 Challenged Books of 2018

Reasons for banning books

The most common reasons cited for banning books:

  1. Racial Issues
  2. Encouragement of "Damaging" Lifestyles
  3. Blasphemous Dialogue
  4. Sexual Situations or Dialogue
  5. Violence or Negativity
  6. Presence of Witchcraft
  7. Religious Affiliations (unpopular religions)
  8. Political Bias
  9. Age Inappropriate

Source:  Flanagan, Maura.  "Why Books are Really Banned:  Books Are Banned, But Why?"  The Odyssey Online.  May 30, 2017.  Accessed Feb. 7, 2020.