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CI4300: Children's Literature: Picture Books

CI 4300 Literature For Children, CI 4310 Literature For Middle Graders, CI 4320 Literature For Young Adults, CI 4360 Multicultural Literature, CI 4400 Reading In Middle Grades, CIEC 4510 Language and Literacy For Young Children,

Picture Books

What is a Picture Book?

A picture book is a book in which illustrations are instrumental in telling the story. Picture books typically contain 30 pages with illustrations on every page.

A Brief History

According to the Oxford Companion to Children's Literature, some of the earliest books that contained words and pictures for younger readers are among the Japanese illustrated scrolls of the 12th and 13th centuries. Young readers throughout Europe had manuscript picture books before the invention of printing. It was not until the early 18th century that pictorial ABC books began appearing regularly for younger readers.

Picture Books

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