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Fake News: Identify, Evaluate, Stop: Home

Learn to verify fact-based news resources for research.

What Makes a News Story Fake?

Stories promoted as new which are actually misleading rumors, hoaxes,  or clickbait, and have not been produced with any standards of verification or fact checking.

  • It can't be verified
  • Fake News appeals to emotions
  • Authors usually aren't experts
  • It can't be found anywhere else
  • Fake News comes from fake sites


How much Fake News shows up in Facebook? How can fake news be detected and stopped in social media feeds? This guide will help you learn to verify and utilize fact-based news resources for research purposes.

What you can learn from this guide:

  • Identify the four categories of fake news
  • Evaluate fake news using currency, relevancy, accuracy, authority, and purpose
  • Stop fake news from appearing in your social media feed
  • Utilize fact checking



Elaine Reeves - Online Learning Librarian