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Fake News: Identify, Evaluate, Stop: Check Facts

Learn to verify fact-based news resources for research.

How To Fact Check

Check Credentials

  • Is the author a specialist in the field? 

Check the Sources

  • Does the article provide citations for checking the source? 

Look for Bias

  • Does the article provide the whole story or does it emphasize one point of view? 

Check the Dates

  • Is the date current? Find the most up to date information available. 

Judge Hard

  • Does the story seem believable? Is it true to life? 


Fact Check

Is the article missing citations, references, or links? 

Is the author's name missing? 

If the author's name is listed, are they a trustworthy individual? 

Are there spelling or grammatical errors found in the text? 

Are there any direct quotes that are used incorrectly or taken out of context? 

Can you find a similar article on the internet? 

Does the headline not match the content of the article? 

Fact Checking

Pay attention to domain and URL

Read the "About Us" section

Look at the quotes in a story

Look at who said them

Check the comments

Reverse image search