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First Year Experience: Library Myths - Busted

This LibGuide was created to provide information on library resources for first-year students and their instructors.

Common Library Myths

MYTH:  ALL textbooks are available as reserves at circulation and the library is required to purchase all textbooks.
TRUTH: While you may be able to find your textbooks on course reserve or occasionally in the stacks, there is no policy requiring the library to purchase textbooks.

MYTH: You can just copy a book you find in the library and print it with your print allotment.
TRUTH: This is a copyright violation and could cause legal problems for you if you are caught. Notices about copyright are posted near all copiers. For more information about copyright and the limitations to what you can legally copy, please visit this LibGuide Page.

MYTH: The print allotment is 1000, 1500, or even 2,000 prints.
TRUTH: Print allotments are now set by individual departments and can vary wildly. The IT Desk can help you check how many prints you have been given by your department.

MYTH: The 5th Floor requires dead silence.
TRUTH: While the 5th floor is a quiet floor, meaning that you should silence your phone and be respectful of your fellow students, you can make normal noises. In fact, if you don't visit the 5th floor, you'll miss exhibits being held up there!

MYTH: The IT Desk is the saucer-shaped desk near the bridge (south) entrance to the library.
TRUTH: This is the reference/information desk. During the 2020-2021 academic year, it was converted temporarily into the IT Desk to allow for social distancing. From August 2021 forward, reference services have resumed at this desk.

MYTH: We subscribe to all databases and/or can get around paywalls.
TRUTH: While we subscribe to many databases, including those provided through OHIOLink, we do not have access to everything available. However, if there is an article or book you need for class or research and we do not have it, you can request those materials through Interlibrary Loan.

MYTH: Circulation will find articles for you.
TRUTH: While Circulation has some articles and other materials on course reserve, the reference/information desk is where you go to find help with locating articles. We also have a LibGuide on finding articles.