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Finding a quality journal, which accepts your study design, and fits your budget takes time. When Professors David Kennedy and Steve Haller suggested this idea to me, I agreed immediately that it would be useful. How to create, maintain, and determine what content to add are ongoing discussions topics.

Where is this journal indexed?

Journal indexing is a complicated process. To be indexed in PubMed, for example, a journal must have an established publication schedule, a policy for peer reviewing submission from members of the Editorial Team, and so forth. This feature indicates if the jouranl is indexed in Google Scholar (no requirements), PubMed, Web of Science, and listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals. Note: a Hybrid journal means you can publish via Open Access or Traditional publishing models. Hybrid journals are rarely listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals, which requires that a journal must publish a minimum of 5 research articles per issue.

Is this journal predatory?

Determining whether or a not a journal is predatory can be tough. So this feature consists of Yes, No, or Potentially. Newer journals might "appear" predatory, because they are still growing and establishing criteria. If a jounral is indexed in PubMed and if it has a Web of Science Impact Factor or Citation Indicator, then it is probably not predatory. Feel free to contact for more information.

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After running the report, use the three Live Filter options to customize the displayed information.

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Content Updates

Content is updated on a monthly basis.

Journals on this list are recommended by faculty or are journals in which COMLS faculty, staff, and learners have published. Priority is given to faculty, who are going up for promotion or tenure. 

If you are interested in a specialty or  journal, which is not on the list, or if you have any questions please contact