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PubMed (Medline) Is Changing....

Hi Everyone,

You heard it correctly - yes, PubMed (Medline) is changing. Do not panic. I attended a training last week, which I have linked for you below, and it also provides some frequently asked question and answers for you.

My takeaways are:

1) The landing page (home page) is more open and less crowded. Some might even call it stylish and pretty. You can see and test the "new look" here.

2) Although this is "launching" in October, it will not be come the "official" Pubmed (Medline) until January 2020. The old (normal) Pubmed and new Pubmed will run side-by-side for a few months and then they will retire the old (normal) PubMed.

3) They did move the links around in the new PubMed, which means you have to think for a second or two before clicking.

It really is not scary and I am going back and forth between two versions, which means I will be ready to answer most questions by mid-October and definitely by November.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

Many Thanks,


EndNote Changes: Head's Up Mac Users!

EndNote X9 (Purple Version)

If you are planning on installing macOS Catalina when it is released in October, please install the X9.3.1 update first, to avoid interruption in your workflow. 

EndNote X8 (Blue Version)

This will not work with the Mac OS Catalina operating system.

WiFi Connection

If you do not use an IOS (MAC) operating system for your phone or tablet, go to Google Play or Google Store and download eduroam. This will give you a stable internet connection on your tablet or phone.

Ordering Full-Text Articles

As of January 1st, the library cannot order articles through Inter Library Loan on your behalf.  Instructions for placing article or book chapter requests are available below.

To assist in solving the problem, please note the transaction number of the request. The transaction number is unique to every request. When you login to ILLIAD and check the status of requests, it is the number on the left hand side of the screen. Your ILLIAD password will change every 6 months - not when your UTAD password changes. The latest Inter Library Loan news is located here.

Contact with any questions or concerns.

Tracking Citations & Impact Factor

Citations and Impact Factors for journals are constantly changing. If you go just to Web of Science, you will only get citations for journals listed in that database. For Scopus, you can pull up the impact factor and citations for a limited number of faculty using a free account. Altmetrics pulls citations and sharing of information via Twitter and Mendeley. Although we do not have a PlumX subscription, it is possible to pull this information by searching by the author name in EBSCO. More information about collected from PlumX is available here.

Assesing the Quality of the Journal

Are you looking to publish? Maybe you get emails and you are not sure how legitimate or not a journal happens to be? Learn from a researcher and librarian on how you can assess the quality of journal. Just because it is in "PubMed" does not mean it is legitimate. Instead...check and see if it is Currently Indexed in Medline.

Slides are attached and check out this nifty list!