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NURS 3290: Nursing Research 2 - BSN Program

This guide is designed to assist you with conducting research for your course assignments in NURS 3290: Nursing Research 2

How to do a Keyword Search in a Database

Your Database Search Assignment requires you to perform both Keyword and Subject Heading searches. 

Keyword searching is a flexible, natural language approach to database searching on a topic. Search results will be retrieved based on the keywords that you enter into the database search boxes.  As you read through your search results, you may begin to recognize additional keywords to use in your search strategy to locate more articles.

To perform a Keyword search in any of the database options for this assignment: 

  1. Click on Advanced Search 
  2. In the search boxes provided, enter your keywords using appropriate keyword search techniques:
    1. Boolean operators (OR or AND). Synonyms can be combined with OR (i.e. fatigue OR tiredness OR lethargy) and different concepts that you want to search for together can be combined with AND (i.e. cancer AND fatigue)
    2. Truncation. Place an asterisk * after the root of a word to search for variations in that word's ending (i.e. nurs* will find nurse, nurses, or nursing
  3. Hit the Search button (*note: depending on what you are searching for, you may not need to enter keywords in multiple search boxes)