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Open Journal System: Digital Publishing Tools

This guide aims to familiarize faculty, student, and staff users to the open journal system (OJS) through a series of tutorials, videos, and links to helpful information on the Web.

Digital Publishing Tools

Digital publishing tools vary by users, editorial boards, and organizations involved in digital publishing.  The concept of the tool chain implies the routine and sequential use of applications in the process of preparing a publication.  Author's tool chains include a word processor to create the manuscript, graphic software to create figures, spreadsheet to create tables, and optional bibliographic management software.  On the editors' end, the tool chains include layout and galley proofing software, graphic software, and PDF creating software to finalize the galley proof before publishing.  The composition of these tool chains is up to the users, but consistency in maintaining quality and standards is important. The following software are common in open access publishing: 

Graphics Software

Software Suites

bibliographical Management Software

Publishing/Layout Editing Software