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Open Journal System: Publishing Roles and Workflow in the OJS

This guide aims to familiarize faculty, student, and staff users to the open journal system (OJS) through a series of tutorials, videos, and links to helpful information on the Web.

Publishing Roles in the OJS

The OJS platform provides a fully functional publishing environment for formal and informal publications.  While anybody can publish just about anything on the Web these days -- in the form of a blog, website, social media, or other -- the OJS features roles for a variety of functions in the editorial process.  Typical roles in the editorial process include the author and editor at the very minimum but larger operations may utilize the full gamut of OJS roles (see all the roles and user accounts); therefore, identifying these roles requires careful planning.  The system records and archives all interactions (submissions, emails, acceptances, rejections, acknowledgements, confirmation etc.) between the author, editor, reviewer, and other roles.  This is helpful in the event that files or other data becomes inaccessible.  A Screenshot of all roles in one of the OJS publications at the University of Toledo:

Current Roles in the OJS