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Insider's Guide to Mulford Health Science Library and the Health Science Campus: Home

Tips and hints for making the most of the Mulford Health Science Library and the Health Science Campus

Welcome to Mulford Library and the Health Science Campus

This LibGuide is the brainchild of current students in our health programs. While some of this information is presented at orientation, whose brain can take in library information in addition to all the other information we pour into your head? In this guide you will find information to help you make the most of Mulford Health Science Library and the rest of campus. It has official library information, but also advice for thriving on the health science campus. If you have any suggestions for additional information to include, email us at

Overview of Mulford Buildings

Mulford Library Building - the library part of the library building is on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors. The Library entrance is on the fourth floor. You will also find the Student Services Suite on the first floor.

Mulford Library Annex - when you enter the main doors of the Mulford Library Building, the Annex is to your left. It is the shorter building tucked under the Mulford Library's "legs." Your best academic support friend, the Academic Enrichment Center, is is the basement of the annex.

You can get back and forth between the main building and the annex on the first floor and the basement.

Mulford Health Science Library 101
  • Unlike some libraries, we do NOT have any areas for socializing. Please help us maintain our study-intensive environment by keeping social and loud conversations out of the library. (We wish our architecture allowed us to have fun space.)
  • We occupy the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors of the Library Building. To get here, take the south elevators to the fourth floor (or take the staircase beside the south elevators).
  • The circulation desk (circ desk) in on the fourth floor. This desk is staffed whenever the library is open to check materials in and out, to answer questions about the library, and to handle issues that come up. Library staff walk through the library to check the environment and/or to do headcounts.
  • If you identify any issues with our facilities (dirty restrooms, broken chair, water on the floor, food spills, etc.), please stop at the circ desk and let us know, so we can submit a work order. No need to report the leaking roof; the University knows about that already.

Program-Specific Information from the Program

This box captures orientation from specific programs. If you know of additional resources, email us at

  • MD Program. This includes the unofficial survival guide written by med students for med students.