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Subscription Cancellations & Additions

This guide provides information on The University of Toledo Libraries' annual subscription cancellations and additions.


The University of Toledo Libraries' subscriptions budget for fiscal year 2021-2022 (July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022) is $50,000 less than the previous fiscal year. We are thus planning for a second consecutive year of substantial resource cancellations, although not as severe as last year's which came to about $400,000.  We have already pared down our local (i.e., non-OhioLINK) resources to core/essential levels in most of the academic disciplines that need the Libraries' support.  As a result, decisions about additional cuts for FY2021-2022 will be extremely challenging.  Due to licensing agreements and consortial commitments, we are unable to withdraw from any current OhioLINK packages so cancelling those is not an option.

Our FY2021-2022 cancellations will be finalized over the next few months. Please see the "Cancellations" box directly below for a list of resources cancelled so far. While we hope to reinstate a limited number of these and previously cancelled resources next fiscal year, we are currently not optimistic about this possibility.

Please direct any questions or comments you may have regarding these cancellations  We welcome the opportunity to respond and to discuss how we are managing our collection resources during these challenging times.

(Last updated: 8.30.21)



Exam Master: Physician Assistant Exam review resource Jun 30, 2021  
Factiva Database Oct 31, 2021  

(Last updated: 8/27/21)