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HON 4960 Lifehacking the Literature: Information Issues & Discussion Days


Data Room Topic Due Today
1/22 CL1025 Intro & Overview  
1/27 CL2024 What is Research? Bring Research Topic to Class
1/29 CL1025 EndNote Revised Research Topic
2/3 CL2024 Information Impact Complete Google Survey
2/5 CL1025 Library Catalogs Information Trend Analysis
2/10 CL2024 Print & Digital Culture  
2/12 CL1025 Research Databases I  
2/17 Canaday Center
(5th Floor)
Preservation & Permanence  
2/19 CL1025 Research Databases II  
2/24 CL2024 Supression/Control of Information Discussion Questions
2/26 CL1025 Government Sources Primary Sources / Carl Joseph
3/2 CL1025 Work Day  
3/4 CL1025 Midterm Exam I  
3/9-11   SPRING BREAK  
3/16 CANCELLED Dissertations & Conferences  
3/18 ONLINE Privacy  
3/23 ONLINE Research Ethics & Peer Review  
3/25 ONLINE Citation & Author Searching Ethics Case Study
3/30 ONLINE Copyright & Open Access Citations
4/1 ONLINE Information Evaluation Open Access & Traditional Journals
4/6 ONLINE Digital Divides  
4/8 ONLINE Digital Divides (continued) Digital Inequity Presentation
4/13 ONLINE Media, Social & Otherwise Reflective Essay on Web
4/15 ONLINE Facts & Opinions Research  
4/20 ONLINE Work Day Media
4/22 ONLINE Midterm II  
4/27 ONLINE Presentations Presentations


ONLINE Presentations Presentations
5/4   Finals Week - NO CLASS  
5/6 ONLINE Finals Week - Bibliography Due Annotated Bibliography