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HON 4960 Lifehacking the Literature: Information Evaluation


  • How is your use of the web an active rather than passive experience?
  • Does the ability to crowdsource increase trust or decrease trust in the information?
  • How much information do you take at face value?
  • What 'triggers' or 'red flags' might cause you to look closer?
  • What criteria do you use to evaluate information? 
  • Is there a difference depending on the medium (website, research journal, news item, cereal box, etc.)?

Required Materials

Reflective Essay on Web Use

Write a typed, double-spaced, two-page reflective essay about how you interact with and use the Web, apps, or social media. Some questions you may want to consider might include: What topics do you research online? Do you see yourself as more of a content creator or content consumer? Do you use the internet more for work or recreation? Does your use of the internet rely mostly on habit, ritually visiting sites or do you find yourself stumbling upon or searching for new webpages? How important are your social network pages compared to the rest of the Web?

Other Readings & Diversions